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Welcome to Bills and Diamonds
What happens when you kiss a frog?
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Build Your Portfolio
We Love Photography! Offering select packages on location giving you a plethora of options whether you prefer to be on site at one of our exclusive Palo Alto offices, Downtown or be dancing amongst the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We're here to help.
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Best Price Guaranteed

Hot New Products. Visit our exclusive online store for other special promotions. We offer 100% Premium Quality for our products and services. Save big. Save time, Sign Up Now.

Build Your Company. Grow Exclusively, The Fastest, Easiest Way.

There is no substitute for innovation. Our team provides solutions to share during the most complicated moments for our clients. Focus on your investments and increase your reputation, with Bills and Diamonds you can compete globally.

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Integrity for your business. Our client acquisition process focuses on building, acquiring and investing in todays competitive global economy.


Our Crayz Design Portfolio

We care enough to share our best. The quality of our work will never go out of style until your vision is our future. Our design portfolio showcases our innovation to help you become a leader in your market. Bring your ideas to life!

What Our Customers Say About Us
Bills and Diamonds is great to work with. They are not only professional but also care about delivering your vision and help bring it to life! From how great the website comes out, to photography and the amazing graphic design. I already recommend them to people!
Customer Bella Apple / Public Figure

Join Us. After All What Happens When You Kiss A Frog?

Discount offers Now Available. Fostering the care of fashion and design for ground breaking ideas. Using todays technologies we revolutionize industry, create solutions and make purpose to develop something from nothing.